Roz's Beautiful Cakes


rozA little bit about me …. I do this work because I truly love it. I love the taste of butter icing, the smooth feel of fondant, the smell of a cake baking in the oven. I love the design and the creation of a cake, right from the choice of its ingredients and the fascinating science of baking, to the delight of cake décor. This is my passion and I give my clients’ cakes my ALL. I am a perfectionist by nature and it shows in my work, as does the fact that wedding cakes are my favourite cakes to make! It is paramount to me that the cake is utterly perfect, either by it being exactly what the wedding couple wished it to be, or by being even better than they had imagined it to be. I am always honoured to be such an integral part of what is one of the most important days in a married couples’ life together, to make the cake for the ceremony marking the beginning of their life together as that entity which is the bedrock of humanity: a family.