We differ from the vast number of cake companies in Pietermaritzburg in a number of crucial ways. Firstly we attribute equal importance to exquisite artistic design as well as to taste. Where a great deal of cake companies will make the cake look good, beneath the exterior it is often patched up, dry and crumbling, bland or average tasting. Secondly we are very fussy about our ingredients and this is the reason why our cakes are well-known in the midlands for their specific taste. For instance, the ganache on our chocolate fudge cake – which is our most popular cake – always tastes incredible because we ONLY use imported Belgium chocolate. It’s our old school approach to ingredients, as well as tried and tested home recipes that give our cakes their ‘wow’ factor in terms of taste and texture. Lastly what separates us from the pack is that increased levels of complexity of design do not significantly increase the price. With us the main determinants of price are the size of the cake and the ingredients. Thus a more complicated looking cake in terms of décor will not significantly increase your price.

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